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Woerdemann-Linke Aviation Consulting called “WLAviation” is a formation of highly professional and motivated aviation consultants, pilots and travel experts offering a full service starting from aircraft management, sales, acquisition, consulting, auditing, as well as worldwide charter sales which combines flexibility to travel as you wish, comfort, safety and a first-class service.

Entrepreneur, founder, partner, CEO, DJ or private individual. No matter your title - no one knows better than you about today’s business and lifestyle. You have to be smarter, sharper and more efficient if you want to get ahead and stay there.
Whether your journey is for business or pleasure, we will make sure it is luxurious, efficient and safe.

With our experienced team, every detail is well looked after – from the 1st point of private jet charter to your choice of in-flight catering – Step on board for a pleasant mixture of luxurious travel and discreet service

Our private jets at your disposal, time and distance are meaningless – whether serving your current clients, finding new ones in a meeting in Geneva, shopping in Milan or playing golf in Scotland? Our private jets put much more distance between you and your competition and it does it with unmatched comfort, safety and affordability.

Your check-in will be at an individual VIP-terminal (if available), outside the chaos of the regular, overcrowded check-ins and unmolested by the usual long queues, saving precious time. Apart from the international airports we have acquired landing rights with a number of smaller airfields. This will guarantee a timesaving non-stop flight within a short range of your final destination.

In addition to our own fleet we have an extensive network of aircrafts worldwide available which making us possible to charter aircrafts for incentives and events, congresses and conferences, sporting events, orchestral journeys or car launches and presentations, as well as for private events such as birthdays or any conceivable occasion world-wide.


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Wördemann & Linke Aviation
Marsbruchweg 14a, 38527 Meine, Germany